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Our Working Policy

Health NCY is an independent free health service provider, accredited and regulated by the Cyprus Healthcare Travel Council.


We use our extensive resources to guide overseas patients with the best possible health service available to them in North Cyprus.


We consider your medical history, past treatments or attempts, travel dates and budgets, and then the highest success rates available when recommending the best options moving forward.


Irrespective of whether you decide on a treatment plan, we do not charge for our services and there are no commitments whatsoever on your behalf at any stage.

As a body accredited and regulated by the Cyprus Healthcare Travel Council, a member of the Global Healthcare Travel Council, Health NCY has direct contact with all the rich and diverse health services across North Cyprus.

What’s more, our professionals are trained and qualified to assist and guide you throughout the whole health journey.

So, whether it’s the latest travel regulations, planning of your arrival and accommodation, to the right treatment for you and even the recuperation period after, our breadth of resources will ensure you find exactly what you are looking for and are well planned at each stage.

Small margins sometimes make huge differences, that’s why we actively work with numbers.

Our ongoing research anonymously tracks and records data and achievements across all treatments and health points in North Cyprus.

When patients reach out to us, we consider their medical history, any previous treatment or therapy attempts, budgets and finances, and then merge this information with the highest success rates available when recommending the best options moving forward.

Our own success rate in bringing together a patient with a recommended contact and then a successful treatment plan is just over 80% and we too continue to work on developing our resources in improving this figure even more.

We understand that any successful overseas health journey begins with careful and precise planning – that’s why Health NCY is always on-call.

Once we have guided you through to our suggested and relevant health contacts, you will begin to correspond directly with that doctor, surgeon or medical consultant.

If you chose to follow through with them, that’s great, and most health centres or clinics will also be fully resourced in organising your travel plan.

However Health NCY is also available at any stage to assist you with planning of any type to ensure peace of mind and simplicity.

You’ve opted for our free consultation service, found exactly the right plan for you, set your dates, booked your treatment and are looking forward to starting your care or recovery.

At any stage of this journey, you can rely on us to be your health and travel guide if you chose to.

Health NCY provides a free ongoing service from any initial correspondence all the way through to your return home from North Cyrus. So at any time throughout your treatment and for whatever reason, you can feel at ease that you have a reliable point of contact by your side.

A confidential relationship between doctor and patient is of course essential for the free flow of information necessary for sound medical care. Health NCY is accredited and regulated by the Cyprus Healthcare Travel Council and our advanced infrastructure ensures all correspondence is secure and remains private.