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As an island situated in the Mediterranean, the main means of travel to North Cyprus is via air, although transportation from Turkey by sea is also an option.

Find below our itemised list of various travel alternatives as well as commuting possibilities for visitors once in North Cyprus.

Transportation Types 

Services to and from Ercan Airport to five major towns, namely Kyrenia, Nicosia, Famagusta, Güzelyurt and Lefke are scheduled as per inbound and outbound flight times, offering visitors a consistent, alternative and economic means of transport, between £2 – £3 per person per way, based on proximity.
Many Tour Operators also offer transfers and door to door services for visitors booked through them.

Global and local vehicle hire operators are stationed throughout the island, with those running at Ercan offering the option to pick up and drop off your vehicle at the airport.
Car hire prices differ, based on season, brand, passenger capacity and length of hire, however the average daily price of a 5-seater vehicle will cost between £20 – £25 in the summer, with no additional hidden costs. Read further below for NCY driving rules & regulations.
Visitors not arriving on Tours and intend to explore the island are well advised to arrange car hire to make the most of their NCY experience.

Renowned for only driving luxury vehicle models, vacant taxi drivers are almost always stationed at their bays and are not likely to be stopped roadside. All hotels will have a designated taxi partner readily on call, and in most town centres travellers will pass by a near taxi bay.
Taxis are metred and charge per kilometre distance travelled, rates do change between daytime and night. When travelling between towns, on mid to long distance journeys, most drivers will be able to quote a fixed price beforehand, and if you really feel to get local, why not try bargaining the fee before you get in.
The average charge of a taxi ride between Ercan Airport and Kyrenia town centre, approximately 40 kilometres in distance, is £25.

Not the most advanced service or infrastructure, small minibuses also known as “Dolmuş” (dol-moush) pick up passengers’ roadside and transport over short distances connecting main towns to villages.

Very frequent in most towns as well as cheap to commute with, there is no regulated schedule nor do they stray off any main roads, an important consideration when planning for your visit.

If you are considering crossing the Mediterranean by sea, daily ferry services operate from Famagusta and Kyrenia harbours to the Mersin province in the southern coast of Turkey and final plans are under way for services connecting Alanya near to Antalya, with North Cyprus. Depending on the type of ferry available, the shortest duration from Kyrenia to Mersin Taşucu is 2.5 hours.

Unlike most European countries, traffic in North Cyprus uses the left-hand side of the road and driving regulations are similar to that of the United Kingdom.
Short-term visitors and tourists can drive non-commercial vehicles using most global driving licences, including EU and UK.

Pedestrians are also reminded that traffic moves on the left side of the road and are advised to look both right and left carefully before crossing any road. If on any side streets or rural areas where pavements are not available, pedestrians should walk on the right side towards any oncoming traffic.

Contact Health NCY and we will provide a more comprehensive breakdown of the options available to you in North Cyprus.