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Embryo Freezing

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Embryo Freezing

In some IVF/ICSI cycles, several embryos are produced. Whilst three of them are transferred to the women’s uterus, remaining good quality embryos can be frozen for the future use.

Embryo freezing is a well-developed technique today that allows women to have another chance of pregnancy. Embryo freezing is cheaper than the regular cycle because no medication is used and no anaesthesia is required.

As opposed to freezing eggs, eggs are fertilized using IVF before they are frozen and develop over a period of several days into embryos, which are then flash frozen. The health of embryos especially created from young and/or healthy eggs are maintained when they are frozen in this way.

Embryos can be frozen for several years and used in the future if a couple desires another child or if the first cycle is unsuccessful.

There are no restrictions in North Cyprus on the number of embryos that can be stored, the standard storage period normally spanning 10 years.

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