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We use an easy, logical approach to ensure all aspects of your medical trip are taken care of; your safety and comfort is our greatest concern and we pride ourselves in providing you with the best possible service at an affordable rate and in a timely fashion.

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Right Time

We bring together internationally accredited medical institutions in Northern Cyprus with patients from all over the world and Turkey. This gives you the privilege of reaching the most appropriate treatment at the most appropriate price, at a time that suits you.

Right Price

We are not directing you anywhere. We offer you the suitable options and you make the choice. Our best price guarantee is actually very simple. No wordplay, no confusion…

Correct Treatment

We provide services with internationally renowned medical facilities and highly qualified medical doctors using the latest advanced technology.


I was extremely satisfied with the dentist and clinic you referred me to for my dental treatment. The clinic staff were very kind and professional, and the dental implants were of high quality and durability. My teeth are now both very healthy and very beautiful. I would highly recommend them to everyone!

Tarık M. Human Resources Manager

Since the day I learned that I had cancer, I had been searching for the right place for my treatment. I never thought I would come to Cyprus for this, but after meeting with the clinic you recommended, I realized that I had found the right treatment I was looking for.

Emily C. Vet

It was difficult to choose among the many options for IVF services, but we found the best option with your help. We would also like to thank the clinic staff for their care and attention at every step of the treatment process. Happy news! I have a baby soon...

Nesrin D. Lawyer

Going abroad for dental treatment was a bit worrying, but everything went very smoothly and easily thanks to you and your team. The dental clinic you recommended was highly professional and modern. My teeth are now much healthier and stronger.

Julia S. Architect

Having a baby was always our dream. Finally, my spouse and I decided to come to Cyprus for treatment. Thanks to your recommendations and support, we completed our treatment process quickly and easily. Thank you for everything!

Aurora T. Housewife